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Risk Management Volunteer Forms and Training

Volunteer Forms

Midwest Region Background Check

Why do I need training?

Teacher and Young Student

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (DST) currently sponsors several programs designed to promote the development of young girls and boys. These include, but are not limited to, Delta Debutante Scholarship Program, Delta GEMS (GEMS), Delta Academy (Academy), and EMBODI (collectively youth initiatives). The youth initiatives are supervised by Delta’s National Program Planning and Development Committee, but implemented through alumnae Chapters, sometimes with the participation of collegiate chapters.

Generally, each chapter administers the youth initiatives through committees, which are responsible for oversight of these programs.


In 2011, the National Program Planning and Development Committee formulated the Risk Management Manual. Based on foundational principles and practices, this document still serves as a mechanism to promote effective risk management practices, ethical conduct, and accountability. Delta chapters will now be able to provide to all volunteers a vetted background screening company that can provide background check clearance for all Delta volunteers.

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