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A few important notes to remember:

  • Due to insurance requirements, only Sorors are permitted to attend the luncheon. Member number is required in the form below.

  • Registration fee of $10 covers venue decorations, special souvenir(s), required insurance, etc.

  • Lunch cost of $22 is the responsibility of each Soror. Pre-selected menu with choice of grilled chicken, chicken tenders, or 6oz sirloin.

  • This form reserves ONE seat for the luncheon. Sorors can submit ONE ticket purchase per submission. Each Soror must submit a ticket reservation individually for member verification purposes. In other words: If you are purchasing on behalf of another Soror, you must submit a form for you and a separate form for the Soror with her member number. This is required for insurance purposes.

  • The Delta DEAR Committee is responsible for check-in at the restaurant for entry. No payments will be accepted on-site.

For questions about the event, please contact before purchase!

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